Tiny Happy People

The Duchess of Cambridge is once again shouting out for children in their early years by supporting the BBC’s Tiny Happy People programme.

The BBC website offers suggested activities and play ideas for babies and toddlers with an aim of enhancing their language and communication skills. With the tag line: ‘Your words build their world’

Here at Inspirations we understand the importance of children’s communication development. If a child has a deep knowledge of words and language, they are better enabled to understand the world around them. We support our youngest children through songs and rhymes which is a brilliant way to engage young children in the rhythms and tone of speech. We have a ‘Babies Can Sign’ specialist in weekly to teach the educators and children sign language. Sign language is a visual aid (so are pictures in books etc) which enhances a child’s understanding of words before they are even able to talk! This gives them a head start in understanding words and their meaning. Reading books with a supportive adult and using the pictures as a tool to support understanding is also a vital in developing a child’s communication skills.

We also ensure that we make eye contact when talking to children, at a level where the child can see your face clearly, this allows the child to gain an understanding of nonverbal communication, it gives the child the ability to understand the emotions behind the words and also the way the mouth shapes make the different sounds. Eye contact and close physical contact for babies and toddlers is also essential for them to feel safe and secure. Humans don’t learn, if they are feeling insecure or unsafe. Maybe this is why baby wearing has taken off in such a big way in recent years.

Our ethos of ‘enabling environments’ and the offering of a variety of different activities including messy play, singing and signing, water play, light and shadow exploration and of course our outdoor areas, (which gives the children the experiences of different weather types), when supported by a vocal caring adult expands and enhances each child’s exposure to new vocabulary, intonation and rhythm of speech.


For further information on the Duchess of Cambridge’s collaboration with the BBC please and also some fantastic activity ideas for you to do with your child, follow the link to the website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people