Inclusive child centred care

We believe in working with parents to ensure we understand the individual personality of each child and how nursery can best support and care for their development. Experience has shown regular communication between us is important and at the beginning and end of each day our childcare professionals will discuss with you the ‘nursery day’ for your child.

We use an on-line nursery journal called ‘Tapestry’ which captures everything your child has experienced at Nursery in pictures, photographs, videos, and words.  This will be a permanent secure record of your time spent at Inspirations, available for you to access anytime.

You will also see the children’s creative work all around nursery with posters and other visual records of what they do during the day.  Our regular Newsletter and parent communiques are also used to keep you up-to-date with events and what happening,  We also have a regular Parent Forum which brings together a group of parents to meet with the senior nursery team and to explore how best to work together and to share ideas.


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Admission Arrangements

Our policy is to include all children whose parents request a place, wherever possible. We will be happy to discuss any arrangements we need to make in order to give the best to your child and we may often involve other sources of support too.


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