Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

British society is filled with colourful diversity, a rainbow of religions, cultures, languages, foods, festivals, music and celebrations all witnessed on streets around the United Kingdom.  We are truly privileged to live in such a diverse and colourful environment.

At Inspirations it is of paramount importance that we echo our country’s varied cultural diversity. We do this through our environment, conversations with our children, partnerships with our parents and appropriate role modelling of our ethos of Inclusion, Diversity and Equality for all.

We use different materials, food and music to celebrate each child’s individual cultural background and beliefs.  Our communications with children surrounding diversity allows them to generate a deep understanding and respect for each other’s differences and promotes and reinforces diversity and equality within our setting. This celebration ensures inclusion and equality for each child.

As a promoter of outdoor learning we are also able to support children in understanding variety and diversity using our natural environment, all butterflies are butterflies, but they come in so many fascinating colours, shapes and sizes.  Of course, the same can be said of trees, plants, frogs etc.  For me this further defines the outdoors as a great learning environment for children, not just learning the diversity of the flora and fauna of our country but also for much wider learning concepts. 

Every Child Matters, every child has the right to feel included and equal. Culture, race, religion, whether you are male or female it does not matter. Here at Inspirations we include, we celebrate and we facilitate their interests so each child can bloom and grow…