Spot light on…

…The ‘Hedgehog Room’ Staff

This week we take you to our Baby Room; the original Baby Room from day 1, down at the very bottom of the corridor.

There are 4 dedicated regular members of staff who help make that room what it is. They are the Nursery Rhyme Gurus, the Story Tellers, the Dancing Queens, Messy Play enablers and full time feeders, cleaners and nappy changers, and all with a smile on their faces.

So let’s meet the team


I’m Sophie the room leader of the Hedgehogs room, I started at Inspirations in May 2021 as the Deputy, before taking over as room leader in September 2022. I  enjoy getting involved with messy activities and splashing in puddles with the children. One thing I love about working with the babies is watching their development progress so rapidly and seeing them turn into independent, confident toddlers as they progress through the nursery.


I’m Alice, I started working in the Hedgehogs room after working as a Crèche worker in a local Leisure Gym, I recently became deputy.  I enjoy being energetic with the children including singing, dancing  and doing action songs.


I started working in the Hedgehog’s room in April 2023, I’ve worked with children for over 20 years, I enjoy watching and encouraging the children to hit those important milestones. I enjoy spending time in the  outdoor learning environment watching the children experience the different seasons.


I’m Gypsy the Apprentice, I stared at Inspirations in August 2023. I enjoy reading to the children and playing with the children in the garden. One thing I enjoy about working with the babies is how energetic they are and how the simplest things can make them laugh.

Over the coming weeks we will focus on the staff of each room one by one, finding out how long they have been with us and what they love most about working with children.  Why not look through this blog at home with your children? This is a great way to encourage familiarity or discussion for the more vocal age groups.