Inspirations Daily Routines

A day in the life of…

We pride ourselves on being a Reggio Emilia Inspired, Child- Led nursery, with creativity at the centre of our learning. But of course child-led doesn’t mean we are without structure to the day. Structure gives children stability and a sense of security, routine helps children feel safe and secure in their environment be it at home or at nursery. It takes a happy and settled child to be confident learners and explores, and routine helps with settling in to new environments.  We use tapestry to give you updates on specific activities at Inspirations, but if you’ve ever wondered exactly how the day is structured for your little ones then look no further.

Baby Rooms- Hedgehogs and Butterflies

In the baby rooms the key worker matches your babies routine at home as much as possible, but the general structure of the day is as follows-

  • 8.30 Breakfast
  • 9.00 Nappies
  • 9.30 Morning Activity- (This varies between painting, water play, outdoor play or messy play. The youngest of the room take this time for their morning nap whilst some are outside.)
  • 11.30 Lunch is served, chopped up or blended for the younger ones.
  • Singing time in the soft area of the room whilst lunch is cleaned up
  • 12.00 Nappies
  • 1.00 Sleep times begin- Lights off and lullaby’s on
  • Afternoon Activities and outdoor play
  • 3.30 Tea Time
  • 4.00 Nappies
  • Free play and Home time

Toddler Room- HoneyBees

  • 7.30- Welcome the children/Activities set up
  • 8.30 Breakfast
  • 9.00 Group Time- Story/Yoga and choosing
  • 11.00 Nappy time.
  • 11.30 Lunch Sessions Begin
  • 12.00 Sleep Time on the Mezzanine Begins
  • 2.00 Free flow play
  • 3.00 Nappies
  • 3.15 Tidy Up time and 2 group time
  • 3.30 Tea Time
  • 4-6.00 Afternoon Actives and Home Time

Pre-School- Ladybirds

  • 7.30-8.30 Morning Activities across yurt, outdoor classroom and the mud
  • 8.30 Breakfast
  • 9.00 Carpet time in 2 Groups /Wake up shake up
  • 9.20 Choosing Time and Morning sessions begin (Yurt/Outdoor classroom, Art Studio or Forest School)
  • 11.30- Art Studio Returns for Session 1 Lunch in Dining Room
  • 12.00- Forest School Returns for Session 2 Lunch in Yurt and Dinning Room
  • 12.30 Free Play
  • 1.00 Choosing Time for Afternoon Sessions (Yurt/Art Studio/Forest School)
  • 3.00 Art Studio and Forest School Return
  • 3.30- Tea Time
  • 4-6 Afternoon Activities and Free Play on sight followed by home time.

We are passionate about giving children the best possible start to life, and our nursery rooms and routines are structured to help your children flourish, gain independence and gain the tools and life skills to help them succeed in life. As we round up another wonderful year we want to thank you all as parents, carers and children of our amazing Inspirations Community.

2024 marks 20 years of being a nursery, so we look forward to celebrating with you all later in the New Year. In the mean time we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.