What’s New for 2022

Welcome back from us all at Inspirations Nurseries, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and New Year. We are excited for the year ahead and welcome back our current families and all our new families who are joining us this coming year.

We are excited to reveal that this year we will see all onsite construction complete! After over 3 years of developments and improvements, and some Covid related delays, our onsite developments will be finished.

So what can we expect to see this year?

The new staff room

Our growing staff require more space so our new staff room is well under way next to the Art Studio. This frees up the old staff room space which we will transform into a dinning area for our pre-schoolers. This will be a place for them to enjoy Carol’s hot meals cooked on site and refuel after their morning at forest school, art studio, yurt or outdoor classroom.

The Green house and Vegetable Patch

Coming 2022, a new exciting onsite development. Our new green house and vegetable patch will be an additional space for all age groups to explore and enjoy. A space for them to grow their own plants, fruit and vegetables. Another opportunity for our children to learn from nature and even taste their produce.

The Walk of Art

This year will be taking part in the Walk of Art again on 2nd July. The theme this year is Many Leaves, One Tree, and focuses on us being individuals who are still connected.

Some other dates for the diary include:

Summer Party- Saturday 23rd July

Parents evening- Monday 20th June




A New Years Resolution

It might be 2022, but our ethos and mission remains the same. As a nursery our new years resolution is to continue to learn from nature and make the right choices for our children and our planet.


Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives – Thomas Berry