2021 Wrapped

The year in review

Our children at Inspirations continue to lead their own learning and inspire us each day as we view the world through their eyes. Whilst Covid-19 still lingers over us for another December let’s remind our selves of the many languages of learning our children have embarked on this year.

100 Languages in 12 Months- One photo for each month


After a Tier 4 Christmas 2020 our children came back in January eager to see their friends and explore. Nursery remained open throughout the January lock down and outdoor learning was as always, a priority. We jumped straight back into the year with a chill as the children explored the natural ice with power paint pipettes and brushes.



What is love? Snow stayed with us to Valentines Day as we focused on what love means, how it feels and what it looks like. At Nursery we focused on the beauty of learning from mistakes, and how our children seek meaning in everything they do. Check out our blog from February this year.  https://inspirationsnurseries.co.uk/news/the-art-studio/



March saw our new pond thriving- A new project to invite natural wildlife into our setting and support the natural eco-system.

This also provided a wonderful learning opportunity as the children watched the life cycle of a frog unfold in front of them.




Sun spills into the art studio and the newly developed decking as their interest in flowers and growth develops. The toddlers embraced their forest school garden and there was a focus on raising confident learners.

Our Pre-schoolers took to the streets to litter pick, making Horsforth a cleaner place.

– https://youtu.be/5N-yULXVwjk



More developments happened in the Spring, a new outdoor classroom was built in the toddler room with shelter from the rain. The Art Studio decking was also upgraded with a rain cover, insulation and under floor heating.

Forest School spent longer hours in the woods making the most of the seasonal changes- check out our blog from one of our sessions –https://inspirationsnurseries.co.uk/news/spring-time-in-the-forest/


Whilst the Art Studio developments took place the buggy shed became a new pop up Art Studio. We also invited pre-school parents in for an open day parents evening where they experienced Forest School and the Art Studio and learnt about the Reggio Approach to learning.



In July we took the art studio sessions into the woods along with some mirrors to give some new perspective. The walk of art gave the children chance to showcase our forest school song –


The were some more changes within nursery as Tara stepped into her new training role, Sophie became Hedgehog Baby room leader and Becki became Butterflies Baby room leader. All three are flourishing in their new roles.







End of an era for some of our children as we said goodbye to our school leavers as they embark on their next adventure. This also meant a few transition for some of our toddlers moving up to our outdoor pre-school setting.



Time to light the wood burning stove again and to the pumpkin patch we went to bring an array of pumpkins back to nursery.





In November we celebrated Diwali and Bonfire night throughout all of our rooms. This was an exciting month for pre-school as Forest School Rachel stepped into the role of Pre-School Room leader.



The month we all came together for our Christmas party. And here we are again, a whole year later, and have you seen a cuter snowman? The children crafted this  snowman last week using clay, wire and felt for the scarf.

This year we have seen some big developments to our onsite forest school, our new outdoor classrooms and the pond. We continue to have our amazing group of committed staff and we are excited to welcome more in the New Year as our nursery growth continues. But the biggest developments we have seen this year is in the children. There is no limit to their capabilities, curiosity and positivity through what has once again been a challenging but rewarding year.


Here’s our festive video from last year. So with just one week to go, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Inspirations Nurseries and Forest School.