Story Time- Open ended Question ideas

This applies to all books you may be reading with your children, not just stickman.

Looking at the Cover

Can you find the Front Cover?

What can you see on the front cover?

What might this book be about?

Can you find/point to the title?

What might happen in the story?

Parent can read the title and ask again what might happen.

Talk about the Author/Illustrator and any related books

 Inside the Book

What is happening on this page?

Can you turn the next page?

How do you think the character feels? Why?

How would you feel?

What might happen next?

Do you know what that word means?

What might happen at the end of the story?

 When Finished

Can you remember the characters in the story?

What happened in the story?

What happened to this character in the story?

What did you find out?

Did you like this book…why?

What was your favourite part?

Who was your favourite character?

Can you re-tell the story in your own words?

Do you like how the story ended?

Can you think of another way the story could have ended?

 We suggest your child listens to the story with you many times over a week and is able to look at the book/video independently when chooses to. Your child will become familiar with the story, characters, depth of the story messages, rhyme and phrases, illustrations and even letter/word recognition. Hopefully they will be able to retell the story, talk in more detail about the characters and their feelings/actions, use their imagination to change parts of the story or rhyme, draw simple representations of the characters or main events, role play the story, copy words/label pictures from the story or share retelling with younger siblings.