Coaching vs Training


What is the difference coaching vs training?

Training is designed to increase knowledge and skills. Coaching is designed to increase self-awareness about attitude, behaviors, choices, and development needs.

What does it look like in practice?

Training and mentoring are about the transferring of knowledge from teacher to student.Coaching is about enhancing, supporting, and facilitating the practitioner to step in and be actively engaged in their own growth and knowledge. Drawing out the skills and training they already have.

Many practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and so the early years training might not be best for them. Since, and during the pandemic online training has become very popular and lots of companies provide many wonderful courses. We all seem to have lots of certificates and are totally aware of the importance of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) but are we seeing it in practice?

This is where coaching comes in. Coaching is about working alongside everyday practitioners in the setting, to implement training that they already have. It also provides the opportunity for the practitioner to get a huge amount of knowledge and expertise delivered in the moment.

The obvious drawback with coaching can be the cost! It can vary in price and can be expensive. Settings need to look at the current qualifications and skills they already have and build from there. Are we seeing those skills in practice? If not, coaching needs to be considered. As a trainer this is something I want to implement within our setting. Sharing and showing our skills, knowledge and experience should be key for development.

Coaching is also a wonderful way for positive role modelling to be demonstrated. Many factors influence the behaviour of children in early years settings. The behaviour of people who work closely with children has a great effect and influence. We all cope differently in stressful situations, so having a person to coach and mentor you through challenging times is invaluable.

We want to develop a coaching culture at inspirations. Where everyone feels valued and supported. A coaching culture improves the way we are with each other, but also our interactions with the children. At its core, it is about helping people get from where they are to where they want to go. Whether privately or in a group, coaching empowers people to increase their self-awareness and self-esteem.

Tara Slade