Spotlight on…Butterflies Room

The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room is our second baby room, right next door to our other baby room Hedgehogs. Originally the Butterly Room was our Toddler Room, until 2018 when we transitioned to a Forest School. This transition meant we moved our Pre-schoolers to an outdoor provision, meaning the Toddlers could move into the much bigger Pre-school room therefore opening up space for a second Baby room- Our Butterfly Room.


Both baby rooms open out into the same garden and outdoor area meaning the children can mingle when playing outside. There are little differences between to the two rooms other than staff, and instead of the climbing bridge and slide it has a sensory light room. So let’s meet the amazing team that make this room an exciting, safe and loving room for your baby to join Inspirations.

Let’s meet the team


Hey, my name is Maddie and I’ve worked at Inspirations since April 2023. I started as the Deputy Room Leader in the Hedgehog room. In December 2023, I was promoted to Room Leader of the Butterflies room. I really enjoy working at Inspirations, it’s a great atmosphere. My favourite thing about working with children, is watching how they progress at different speeds, and I really enjoy getting involved in messy play with the children.


Hi, my name is Holly, I am the Deputy Room Leader of Butterflies. I have been here since December 2019. I started as an apprentice in the hedgehog room and then I worked my way up to become Deputy in the Butterflies room. I love working with the babies and seeing them grow and watching them achieve their goals. I love the fact we build such a close bond with the parents and their children.


I’m Ashrya, I am the room apprentice and I have been working here for over 6 months doing my Level 3 in childcare.
I studied at Leeds Arts University specialising in fine art and sculpture, I love working with children, learning their interests and being hands-on. I like doing creative activities with the children and watching their development and their personalities grow in the short time we get to spend with them in our room.
It’s such a pleasure to be able to work with under 2s, my favourite thing about my job is being able to work together with parents to support their child’s learning.


I’m Lynne, I started working at inspirations in 2019 as an Early Years Educator. I enjoy helping and encouraging children to reach their developmental milestones and seeing them progress through the various activities we do.

Over the coming weeks we will focus on the staff from each room, finding out how long they have been with us and what they love most about working with children.  Why not look through this blog at home with your children? This is a great way to promote discussion for the more vocal age groups, and for familiarity with the younger ones.