Bad Weather is Good for You

With this relentless rain of recent its easy to slip into the phrase ‘bad weather’, but there are in fact many benefits to being out in the colder, wetter, windier days. Our children at Inspirations are out in all weathers, embracing all that British weather has to offer, with the help of the right waterproof gear. But what if we told you being out in this weather is actually good for your health?…

The wind and rain can wash away pollution, germs and bacteria. If it’s a muddy forest, even better. Believe it or not, mud is a boon for your health. So rather than taking lengthy detours to avoid a stretch of quagmire, just walk right through it breathing deeply as you go. Mud – be it farmyard or forest floor – is rich in mood-enhancing microbes. Australian researchers found that mice exposed to soil had more diverse microbiomes, a finding mirrored by a Finnish study in which the gut and skin of children playing in plastic-and-concrete playgrounds were compared to those of children whose playground had been rebuilt using a tract of forest floor. In as little as four weeks, the children playing on forest floor had developed more diverse microbiomes. More importantly, the researchers found “parallel changes in the children’s immune systems”, with the muddy children showing greater immunity and fewer coughs and colds for months afterwards. Mud can be slippery, so use walking poles for stability. As you prod at the earth, you’ll also be releasing beneficial bacteria from the soil.

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