September in the Yurt

Over the past few weeks we have seen the children flourish, their confidence grow and new friendships made. As they leave their curiosity in bees behind with the season, autumn has provided ample natural resources to explore and create with. Their interests are currently mixing colours, autumn leaves, construction and music, so we will be following these interests to see what exciting path they lead us down.  The yurt now has its own guitar, ukulele and drum, and the children have enjoyed singing their own songs and initiating their own music sessions. Weekly forest schools sessions are in full flow, and for some it’s their first time doing forest school; keep an eye out for the colourful stones they’ve painted and hidden.

We’ve used water colours for still life painting, clay to make leaf prints, sculptures with conkers and started creating a space for hedgehogs to hibernate.

Last week the Ladybirds outdoor provision celebrated its 1 month anniversary! Here’s a message from the Room Leader Michaela:

‘There are a million words I could describe our brand new journey together but there is only one specific word that covers the amazing, boundary pushing learning adventure: WOW!

Wow to your incredible children for embracing change with huge smiles on their faces.

Wow to all our families for believing in our inspirational philosophy.

Wow to Lisa, Sophie, Rachel, Stuart, Paula, Lauren and Nathalie for their super hard work and outstanding positive attitude towards achieving our goals.

And Wow to the family-setting partnerships which I hope will only grow stronger in the future. 
Let’s inspire each other and help our children discover their unique potential.’