Matching Quantity to Numerals

Resources: Stones, pens, numbers

Collect up all those stones you find on your walks and match them to the numbers. You can write the numbers on a piece of paper or use any numbers you have. As an extension you could continue to 20.

Intent- Learning Goals

Maths – Numbers

30-50 months

Recites numbers in order to 10.

  • Knows that numbers identify how many objects are in a set.
  • Beginning to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper

or pictures.

  • Sometimes matches numeral and quantity correctly.
  • Shows an interest in number problems.
  • Shows an interest in representing numbers.


  • Recognise some numerals of personal significance.
  • Recognises numerals 1 to 5+
  • Counts up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item.
  • Counts objects to 10, and beginning to count beyond 10.
  • Counts out up to six objects from a larger group


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